Wayland Folding Kayaks was established in 1996 in response to the growth in popularity of kayaking and the demand for high quality reasonably priced folding kayaks. Why choose a folding kayak? They are lightweight, easy to transport and store and yet provide exceptional performance on oceans, rivers and lakes.

The unique one and two seater kayaks have been inspired by the best folding kayaks on the market. In considering the designs the best elements of traditional design with modern fabrics and materials are utilized. Wayland have applied experience and engineering know how to produce kayaks that will match or better any currently available and are in constant dialogue with customers to ensure the constant improvement of the kayaks and accessories. Confidence in the quality of Wayland kayaks is reflected in the guarantees offered – five years for the frame and accessories and 10 years for the hull.

Wayland uses modern fabrics that provide a hard wearing skin that resists damage and abrasion, providing years of enjoyable paddling. Kayak sailing is fun and relaxing and with its growing popularity we offer a number of sail options suitable for the beginner to the more advanced sailor.

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